The title sequence of Choice is a collaboration work with director, Catherine Cheng from SCAD film major. For the title, I did the conceptualization and storyboard part and collaborated with another motion designer, Bella Shih, to complete the title.
This is a title sequence project made for a SCAD short film: Choice. The protagonist was accused of killing his wife, however, what is the truth and story behind it? Maybe the killer could also be a victim? 
Pitch #1
I collaborated with Bella and each of us pitched one direction after learning the director's concept of the film. I made pitch 1 and Bella made pitch 2. The director decided to go with the typeface of pitch 2, and a combination of styleframes of pitch 1 & 2.
Pitch #2​​​​​​​
Storyboard Concept
We decided to put the female symbol that showed in the film as a hint to show the relationships between how the protagonist’s childhood abuse by his mom influenced his relationship with his wife.  
Glass is a recurring symbol shown several times in the film: the broken glasses from the vase, the glass between the lawyer and the protagonist, and the glass between the wife and the protagonist. So, I decided to put that into the sequence as a hint. 
Left: I made the drawing and composited in after effects
Right: My hand as the lawyer's hand (Since this title is made after the film is done, we cannot reach the actors anymore, we decided to color edit my hand in post production)

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