Hi! I'm tiffany
I am a 2D motion designer based in NYC. My work focuses on 2D illustrative motion and branding. I enjoy working with brands because it challenges me to deliver the same tone with fresh beats.
I am honored to have built up my expertise with several agencies and studios, including Sid Lee, Meister, and Compadre, and to have worked on brands such as Headspace, Google, Nike, Paramount, and WB Games.
My work has been recognized by The Young Ones Awards, The Rookies, Motionographer, and magazines such as Canvas Rebel, Shoutout Atlanta, and VoyageATL.
In my free time, I enjoy learning new skills to help with my personal projects, such as TouchDesigner, RIVE, Lottie, and Unreal Engine.
Feel free to drop me a line and connect :)