CoMotion 2022 Design Team Deliverables
I was one of the designers in SCAD CoMotion 2022 Design Team.
Here are the works that I designed for live stream mortises , web banner, and part of the title sequence style frames.
▲Design pitch for the panel streaming mortise. Zoom background is designed by @Isa Jean
I refer to different streaming background on Twitch and try to find a balance to match the style and highlight the speaker without making the visual distracting.
▲Web banner for "Team" tab. Original concept
▲Web banner final look
A team is consisted of a bunch of people with different ideas and thoughts. They are like different shapes and when they are connected together, a beautiful result will come up. To fit the 2.5D theme and overall title sequence style, I changed the bottom left design to the bottom right.
Style Frame Iteration
Below are some of the critiques and iterations I made based on the critique.

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