CoMotion 2022 Pitch- Logo Design
This logo is a collaborative design work with talented @Cathy Lin. Based on her concept and style frame, I came up with some different ideas for the logo. Below are the evolution of the logo transformation. 
Project Duration: 2 Days

Inspiration & Direction - Cathy Lin
Early Sketches - Tiffany Lo
First Clean Up - Tiffany Lo
We finally pick the design on the bottom right corner to do further revision, for it's cleaner and match the concept.​​​​​​​
The design on the left has some visual weight issue from the imbalanced shadow, and it does not translate the world from the style frame well, so we eliminate this option.
The design on the middle is matching the overall style, however, we'd like to explore the possibility to incorporate different shapes.
The design on the top right is soo straight forward because it uses the shape of the keyframes in After Effect as concept, also the T and I are a bit too thin thus making the design unbalanced.

Deconstruct - Cathy Lin

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