1. Styleframes
Under the creative direction of Aanvik Singh and art direction of Marly Koven.
The design team this year have three main deliverables. Styleframes for the title sequence, social media visuals, and event presentation card in loop. 
Styleframe production time: 8 weeks, 5 time zones, 9 designers (including me)
Below is the full storyboard. We are only designing the colored scenes.​​​​​​​
My Styleframe Iteration
The scenes I made are 27a, 27b, and 28. This scene pays homage to the oscilloscope artists in the motion media history. So I look into many references on how the oscilloscope work. And finally came up with a cleaner final sequence.
Old versions
I made a graph to show the animation team how the animation could be done:
Final Styleframes
Animated by Meg Aki & Desmond Du. For full length please visit: VIMEO
Final Styleframes
2. IG Grid
Design & Animation
Creative Direction
The creative direction of the Instagram grid design is to create a 3x3 grid that both looked designed individually and collectively. 
Production time Roughly two weeks from concept to animation.
Ideation (Bottom left picture)
I had 3 directions when I start ideating the grid design. I focused on simple black and white shapes for the 3x3 first and look at the grid individually to make sure they all looks graphically appealing. The directors finally picked the first concept.
Black and white cleanup (Bottom right set)
Coloring Iteration
The one on the right is the final pick!
Bottom row: Animated by Antara Ghosh
Middle row: Two on the right animated by Peter Wang, one on the left by me
Top row: Animated by Yining Li
Storyboard of grid #6
Communication is majority done in slack, miro, and google doc.
But I made a short comic to make people who do CoMotion for first time feel better :)
Me and the team! Two Tiffany are wearing the stripe shirt :)
Little thank you card I made for the team who worked with me and trusted me <3
(Left) Entire design team
(Right) Entire CoMotion branding team
This page only showed parts of the experience of CoMotion 2023. For more stuff we made, I encourage you to visit: SCADCoMotion website and our CD's instagram for the BTS.
Creative Director  Aanvik Singh
Art Director  Marly Koven
Producers  Rachel Golla, Alexis Dow
Lead Animator  Desmond Du
Cathy Lin
Erica Kim
Harshitha Suresh
Isabelle K Winarto
Kaleb Sweeney
Kyle Switzer
Meg Aki
Lead 3D Animator  Stephen Mok
3D Animator
J.C. Petrofsky
Lead Designer Tiffany Lo
Aanvik Singh
Alexis Wang
Antara Ghosh
Jessica Liou
Peter Wang
Tiffany Tedy
Xinxun (Evian) Liao
Yining Li
Lead Graphic Designer Josie Glassman
Graphic Designers 
Claire Lin
Meghna Shourie
Nicole Lin
Punasa (Bee) Sihsobhon
Sophia D’Alleva
Stephanie Sandoval
Lead Experiential Samantha Woods
Juan Pablo Silhy 
Alyssa Mackersie
Meghan Romance
  Web Developers Amadeus Cameron, Isabelle Duffner
Composer Miguel Concha
Lead Documentation Libby Nett
Documentation Caitlin Crooker, Savitri Trivedi
MOMELove (aka CoMotion event host) 
Alexandera Marca
Cora Keene
Shivani Varandani
Lauren Neu 
Fatema Sultan 
Claire Lin
Peter Wang 
Samantha Woods
Tucker Ziegler
Maria Chiuz
Harshitha Suresh

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