Digital Graffiti: Super Scale Projection 
School Project / Projection Mapping / 01'14" / 3840*1200 / 2021 
Photoshop / After Effects/ GarageBand 
Role: Concept/ Design / Editing/ Music 
Music: Made with GarageBand 
Digital Graffiti is an event held in Alys Beach, FL every May. As the scale is gigantic and the site is suitable for music festivals and tourism, I aimed to create something eye-catching and engaging for the audience to create an immersive experience.  
Inspired by the work Chloe from Parallel Studio, I cut the artwork illustrated by German botanical illustrator, Ernst Haeckel, and color corrected it to match the sound I made in Garageband. I picked the marine creatures from Haeckel’s work because this work will be displayed aside the beach. By using the kaleidoscope method, all creatures lose their appearance and merge into an abstract pattern that will create different meanings to different audiences. 
Above images are cropped out from 18 century illustrator Ernst Haeckel

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